Smart Places To Hide Valuables In Your Home


The best way to secure the valuables inside your home is to ensure that your home security system is always set. If you don't have a security system, however, or you're just eager to ensure that none of your valuables are taken in the event that someone breaks into your home despite the use of the system, it's important to ensure that these items are hidden in a smart location. Many homeowners keep their jewelry and cash in the master bedroom, which means that a thief can quickly gather plenty of valuable items by quickly visiting this room.

3 May 2016

Tips To Deter Theft In Your Bookstore


If you own a bookstore and have been noticing that some of your stock has been mysteriously depleting over the course of several weeks, increase security measures with the following tips. As a result, theft may not be as likely to occur and you will feel more at ease. Install Hidden Cameras Near High Value Items Hire a security company to install hidden cameras near items of value inside of your store.

23 April 2016

3 Things That Your Commercial Kitchen Needs For Fire Safety


Even if you and all of the employees who work in your commercial kitchen are as careful as possible, you never know when a serious accident could happen. This means that you should be prepared and ready to deal with kitchen fires at any moment of the day. These are three things that your commercial kitchen needs if you want your business to be prepared for fire safety. 1. Handheld Fire Extiguishers

3 August 2015