3 Advances To Consider For Your Fire Alarm System


The standard fire alarm is always the primary defense against personal injury and property damage, if a fire occurs. With advances in fire alarm systems, there are several additional technologies that can help extinguish fires quicker and protect more people from injury.

Water Mist Fire Protection

Although a conventional fire sprinkler is better than no sprinkler, there are several advantages to using water mist in your fire protection. The smaller droplets of water do a better job of cooling the area, including the flames and gas emitted during a fire. Since a fire can be extinguished faster with water droplets, damage from fire and injury from smoke inhalation can be reduced. The amount of water needed to create a mist is less than what is used for a sprinkler system, which means there may be less property damage from water, if a fire were to occur. Another advantage of water mist is that it can be used on various types of fires effectively, whereas a traditional sprinkler system is not ideal for electrical fires.

Messaging Systems

Instead of a traditional fire alarm, there are situations where an integrated messaging system might be appropriate. For example, high-rise buildings and large commercial spaces can benefit from pre-recorded messages. When the fire alarm is activated, the messaging system responds by playing a pre-recorded message. This might include specific instructions for shutting down machinery or giving evacuation orders that are unique to that particular location in the building or on the property. Since residents or employees might panic in the event of an emergency, using pre-recorded instructions can help everyone evacuate safely, if necessary, and go through any safety protocols, in the case of commercial buildings.

Video Imaging

Much like a surveillance camera, there is video imaging equipment that can turn on once smoke, fire, or abnormally high temperatures are detected. Although this information is not necessarily useful in the event of a fire, it can be helpful after the fire is contained and the investigation begins. Fire investigators will look for evidence of arson, negligence, or mechanical issues as the cause for fires, but sometimes, their findings are inconclusive. Having video imaging of the fire will help with this process, and it can also be useful for enhancing safety protocols going forward.

Newer technology in the area of fire detection and alarm systems can reduce property damage from fire, smoke, and water, while protecting more people from fire and smoke inhalation.

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25 January 2018

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