5 Factors to Consider Before Installing a Video Surveillance System on Your Property


Video surveillance system installation is among the most sought-after services in the United States. With increased security challenges across commercial and residential setups, there is a need to install reliable surveillance systems for enhanced security. Video surveillance systems are beneficial not only in the security sector but also in the industrial, sporting, and automotive sectors. Along with their low purchase, installation, and maintenance costs, these benefits make them ideal for most setups.

However, that doesn't mean you become complacent when sourcing and installing video surveillance systems. When shopping around for an ideal CCTV surveillance system, here are some vital factors to consider, including:

1. Functional Requirements

There are numerous surveillance systems today, and depending on their applications, they can be adjusted to meet specific requirements and capabilities. For example, the size of commercial or residential property and surrounding facilities are crucial in determining the type of video surveillance to install.

Installation of security cameras must be strategically done if the area of coverage is extensive. Surveillance cameras may also vary in terms of lens power. For instance, you may require powerful lenses for long-range surveillance than short-range monitoring. Therefore, it's imperative to determine your system's functional requirements first before making your choice.

2. The Facility's Lighting Requirements

Whether you are installing surveillance systems in offices or at home, lighting plays a crucial role. For instance, consider improving the lighting conditions in dimly lit areas or use night vision cameras enabled with infrared technology. Install more lighting at the critical entrances or exit points to allow your cameras to perform optimally.

3. The Surveillance System's Audio Capabilities

In specific scenarios, audio is highly crucial. For instance, residential setups are one of the areas you can make use of audio-enabled surveillance systems. However, this is not a mandatory feature you must be worried about when looking for the ideal video surveillance system. Nevertheless, it's not a significantly costly feature to integrate with your surveillance system. Therefore, determine whether you'll be needing audio-enabled systems or basic types.

4. The System's Video Storage Capabilities

When it comes to recording, you must have sufficient backup to store your videos. However, storage will depend on the number of CCTV cameras on the facility, their resolution, and how long you intend to store these files. If your video surveillance systems consist of high-resolution cameras, you might require a significant amount of space.

5. System Integration

Finally, the latest trends in security surveillance systems involve integrating video surveillance with access control. Integration of these two systems provides higher security levels, efficient and user-friendly experiences. Through integration, you can access vital information on both systems at once in real-time. Additionally, you can integrate your video surveillance systems with online networks to receive real-time monitoring via phone or computer.

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13 April 2021

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