Four Ways To Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away A Lot


If you spend a lot of time traveling for work or pleasure, you may be concerned about your home's safety while you are away. Fortunately, modern alarm systems are providing more ways to keep your house secure. When combined with some basic security know-how, you can increase security. The following are a few things you can do to ensure your home is safe against intrusion:

Tip #1: Invest in a lawn service

A lawn service may not seem like a security need, but it can be if you are gone for long periods of time. Overgrown grass indicates to the bad guys that your home is empty and a good target. Trees and shrubs in need of a trimming can block the view of doors and windows ā€“ making them a target for a break in. Lawn care shouldn't be just a summer thing, either. Snow that needs shoveling or leaves that need to be raked can also be a flag to the bad guys that your home is empty and ready to rob.

Tip #2: Automate to look lived in

You can invest in a whole-house automation system if you prefer. These systems control when interior and exterior lights come on or turn off, control when the blinds are open, and even maintain the temperature within the house. If this seems like too much, then you can use some simple alternatives to the whole-home system. For example, use a plugin timer for one or two lights in the house, and put exterior lights on detectors that make them come on when it gets dark.

Tip #3: Control entry

You may need someone to enter your home when you are away, whether to water the plants or because you have a service call into a repair person. Instead of putting a bunch of keys out to the world, which could end up in the wrong hands, install an alarm system with keyless entry. You can assign a one-time use code to the person that needs access. If you have someone that enters regularly, such as a cleaning service, they can have a dedicated code. With that code, you can track to ensure they only enter the home when they are supposed to, and you can also deactivate if you ever cancel the service.

Tip #4: Take control when you are away

Another good idea if you are gone a lot is to install a security system that you can use remotely. These are usually hooked up to an app or website. You can log in and check on your home via security cameras, as well as control lights, temperature, and other home services. This is especially helpful if you have pets. You can also use it to prevent damaging situations. For example, if a freeze is expected, you can log in and turn up the furnace so your pipes don't freeze. If they do freeze and burst, you can catch the flooding early and get a plumber in to repair it before you even head home.

Talk to a security company for more help in managing security and safety while you are away. Contact a company like Videotec Corporation for more information and assistance. 


16 October 2017

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