3 Things That Could Impair Your Security Camera Views


You might have a home security system complete with security cameras, but if you aren't paying attention to your views, they could be interrupted by obstacles or other issues. Fortunately, by paying attention to a few important things, you can prevent problems and protect your home. Here are three things that could impair your security camera views.

1.    Poorly Trimmed Landscaping

Overgrown trees, shaggy bushes, or even hanging planter boxes that have grown out of control could disrupt the view from your security cameras, leading to gaps in the coverage for your home. As you landscape and care for your yard, be mindful of where your security cameras are located, and check your views after you make any changes. Keep your trees, shrubs, grasses, and flower gardens well-tended, and remove any weeds that may grow around the security cameras. Pay attention to the spacing when you place plants near the security areas so you don't unintentionally create a living wall.

2.    Dirt and Grime

Wind, rain, and blowing dirt can quickly accumulate on security cameras, making it difficult to preserve your view. This is especially true during seasons when poor weather is common, so clean your security camera lenses frequently to protect your view. Be sure to use a soft, scratch-free cloth and cleaning chemicals that are approved for your variety of security cameras. If you have questions about how to keep the lenses and domes clean, refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual. During cleaning, pay attention to any changes made in the surface of the lens, such as scratches or signs of vandalism. If you notice issues, report them immediately and have the camera repaired or replaced. 

3.    Decorations

From fun fall garlands to Christmas decorations, it can be easy to let the décor take control of the interior and exterior of your home. Unfortunately, additional items like wreaths, buntings, stand-alone trees, and even large potted plants can interfere with your home's security system coverage. When you decorate for the holidays, keep an eye on your security cameras and avoid placing objects in areas where the view could be impeded. Additionally, keep expensive decorations close to areas where security coverage is complete.

By doing what you can to protect the view from your security cameras, you can sleep a little more soundly at night. Talk with a professional security team about adding other elements to your security system if you continue to have problems. With glass break detectors and home automation controls, you can protect your home even further.


30 August 2019

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