How To Avoid Common Fire Alarm Installation Mistakes


How you install your fire alarm will affect how safe your home is from fires. When installing fire alarms, there are some mistakes that homeowners make that can cause the fire alarm to be less effective. 

Know The Requirements

Understand the local codes before installing a fire alarm system. There are minimum legal requirements for the type of fire alarm systems you may use and how these systems are installed. Otherwise, your fire alarm system might not be approved. Or, you could have your fire alarm installed by a professional. Make sure that you read loan agreements and insurance policies so that you, or the fire alarm installer, can be informed about the unique requirements.

Use The Right Alarm Type

There are two types of fire alarms: automatic and fake fire alarms. With a manual fire alarm, it is necessary to pull a lever to trigger the alarm, while automatic fire alarms detect a fire before triggering. It is best for a homeowner to use an automatic fire alarm because manual fire alarms will not alert a homeowner to the presence of a fire.

Use An Alarm That Notifies The Fire Department

Do not forget to install a fire alarm system that notifies the fire department. When the fire alarm system only sounds an alarm, the response time for fire departments will not be fast enough. While you should call a fire department after you have reached a safe location, if you are trapped in a situation where you cannot contact the fire department, your alarm system will save you. The best option is to have your fire alarm system integrated with a security system so that the same company can monitor your home and make sure that you are safe. Another benefit is that your home is more likely to be saved in the event that a fire starts while you are not at home.

If you are going to use a security system, it is recommended that you use a professional fire alarm installer rather than having the fire alarm installed yourself. The placement of the fire alarm and how the fire alarm is wired will have an impact on how effective your system is. A successful fire alarm installation requires careful planning, and many individuals simply purchase the equipment that is necessary to install a fire alarm and then immediately begin installing it once they have brought the equipment home. This is bound to lead to problems arising. For more information, contact a company like Southern Maine Cabling.


11 January 2017

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