5 Benefits Of Fencing And Gating Your Business Campus


Fencing in your business, particularly areas where the public doesn't need access like a back lot or storage area, can provide many benefits. Adding an automatic gate will increase those benefits.

1. Theft Prevention

Theft can be a major concern on any property, particularly if you have equipment or stock that is kept outside. Car break-ins and similar are another theft concern that can affect company or employee vehicles that are left unattended for long periods. A fence only protects if access is also controlled by an automatic gate that is kept closed at all times. As a bonus, vandalism of your building will also be less likely when access is limited.

2. Employee Safety

Safety can be a concern for employees, particularly those that leave the building alone late at night or early in the morning. Lighting the parking lot and immediate building can help with safety, but controlled access will nearly guarantee it since no one will be able to get onto your commercial campus without permission. Increased safety can help improve employee job satisfaction, as well. 

3. Access Options

There are a variety of access options available, so finding the one that works for your business is simple. If you have staff arriving at different times, than an automatic gate that can be opened with a passcode or key card may be the best option. For larger equipment where it can be difficult to reach an access panel from the cab, a gate with a remote or a manned access gate may be the answer. You can also combined manned access, such as during regular business hours, with automatic access options like a key card for after-hours. 

4. Lower Premiums

One often overlooked benefit of a commercial access gate is that it may lead to lower insurance premiums, or at least prevent an unnecessary cost increase. Premiums for policies that cover your building and stock are often set upon risks as well as past losses. A gate reduces the chances of future losses as well as preventing any losses that would lead to a rate increase. 

5. Liability Reduction

People coming onto your business campus that shouldn't be there are a major liability risk. This is especially true if you have dangerous equipment are stock stored where the public isn't meant to have access. If someone is injured and your business is found negligent in properly warning that it is a no-access area, you can be held liable. A fence with gated access prevents accidents from occurring. 

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18 July 2023

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