4 Reasons Your Marina Needs To Provide Web Based Card Access Control System


Many clients entrust you with their valuable possessions when running a marina. A simple gate and locking system might not be enough to convince clients that you provide the best and most secure mooring services. Have you thought about installing web-based card access control systems? The following are reasons to consider upgrading your security system in your marina.

1. Deter Criminal Activity

One of the most obvious reasons to consider switching to a web-based card access control system is improved safety. Clients demand that their boats and yachts are kept safe. Marinas attract thieves because the boats are expensive investments and may contain treasures.

If clients entrust you with their possessions, the least you can do is provide the best security against criminal activity. Today's tech-savvy marina clients know that keypad passcodes can easily be hacked or observed, and physical keys can get misplaced. Therefore, consider upgrading to card access control systems to keep your clients' boats safe.

2. Provide Personal Access and Security

Many marina customers may lose faith and confidence in your services if you are still stuck to physical keys. Burglars and thieves can easily bypass the standard locking systems. Furthermore, physical keys are easy to duplicate and access the marina. Clients don't want to deal with complex security policies that may come with keeping track of rekeyed access or changed passcodes. A card access control system provides personal security that locks anyone without a card out. It also doesn't demand numerous updates to keep it in good shape.

3. Maintain Records

Every time a client swipes their card at the gate, their credentials get recorded by the system. Your surveillance systems can help confirm their actions in your facility. This allows you to track the entries and exits at your facility. Should an incident happen at the marina, such as theft or vandalism, the records will help you follow up. The web-based system will retrieve the number of credentials that accessed the property at a particular time, allowing you to follow up.

4. Provide Temporary Access

Do you have short-term clients who are only renting a space at the marina temporarily? Perhaps you have workers or visitors that need temporary access? Unlike physical keys that carry the risk of duplicating without your permission, card control systems can provide temporary access with minimized risks. The saved records will help you follow up on anything fishy that might occur with the temporary cards.

Do away with rekeying expenses by upgrading to a web-based card access control system. Ask the experts to help you choose a system that suits your marina's operations and size. Advanced access control will enhance overall security and safety in your facility. For more information on a web-based card access control system, contact a company near you.


8 September 2022

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