Four Ineffective Places To Hide Valuables Inside Your Home


The installation of a home security system can dramatically reduce the likelihood that a burglar will choose to target your home. However, in the event that someone still chooses to make entry when you're not home, you want to be sure that your valuables are properly hidden out of sight. Ideally, this will mean that the burglar will quickly get frustrated and decide to target another home. Unfortunately, some homeowners make the mistake of stashing their valuables in common areas that any thief will quickly find. Here are four spots that are largely ineffective when it comes to keeping your valuable possessions.

Dresser Drawers

You might think that you're being careful by stashing valuables such as jewelry and money in your dresser, but this can often be one of the first places that any burglar looks. Many people opt to keep such valuables in their dresser, hastily pushed toward the rear of the sock drawer. The concern with this location is that if a burglar sees there are no valuables sitting on the top of your dresser, his or her next place to look will often be the top drawer.

Beneath The Bed

Placing items in a box – or even in a small safe – and stashing them underneath your bed might seem smart, but many burglars will scour this area quickly. Even if you've placed the possessions in a safe, the burglar might simply choose to take the entire safe and attempt to open it in a safe location. Disguising the valuables by burying them behind clothing or storage items isn't much help, either.

Kitchen Drawers

Many people keep cash, gift cards and other items of value in one of the top drawers in the kitchen. The premise to this location is that these items will be easy to retrieve whether you're dashing out the door or looking for some cash to tip the pizza delivery person. Unfortunately, it won't take much effort for a thief in your home to find these items, too.

Night Stand

The night stand next to your bed can seem like a logical location for jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings and watches. Some people will actually place a jewelry box on the night stand, while others will place their valuables in the top drawer to keep the top of this piece of furniture tidy. In either case, many thieves will be quick to check the night stand for these types of valuables.

Avoid hiding valuables in these places, and talk with home security companies, such as Digital Security, for more tips and ideas to keep your home more safe and secure. 


10 May 2016

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