Protecting Your Home From Criminals


In order to properly secure your home, you need to cut out behaviors that increase your chances of being burglarized and secure your home properly. Read this article for helpful information on how you can do both of these things to decrease your chances of having your home broken into.

Don't leave your key in a well-known spot

You may think you are being sly by putting your key in a hide-a-key rock, hanging it from a nail behind your garage or taping it to the bottom of your welcome mat. However, most criminals know all about the outdoor hiding places and will be in your house just as easily as if they lived there themselves. If you have to put a key outside, consider putting it in a plastic bag and burying it in a designated spot.

Try to burglarize your own home

You and the other members of the household should go outside and try to get in the house while it is locked up tight. Try to get through all the doors and windows, as well as any other possibly weak areas. Any areas you find that are questionable should be taken care of right away so you know you have done your best to properly secure your property.

Keep your keys out of sight in public

When you are digging around in your pocket or bag, make sure you don't put your keys up on the counter or anywhere else where they can be seen by others. New technology allows for someone who is tech savvy to take a picture of keys with their phone and ultimately print out a functioning duplicate with a 3D printer. 

Make it look like someone is always home

Park in your garage so people won't be able to tell when you are gone. Also, set timers to turn some lights on around your house. Also, consider keeping a radio or TV on when you leave, so it sounds as if someone is inside of the house. There's less of a chance of someone breaking into your home if they think someone is there and awake.

Have a security system installed

Installing a security system that monitors the entire house, has cameras and offers remote access is a fantastic way to decrease your odds of a break-in occurring. Also, sticking the systems advertising sticker in the front window and putting the yard advertisement in place will serve as a good warning for anyone even thinking about breaking into your house.


5 May 2016

Exploring Security Systems

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