Finding Enhanced Utility In Security Systems


Many security systems provide the basic services of intrusion alarms and video surveillance, but there are many ways to reach into more advanced, specialized functions. From added features from security companies to things that you could do on your own, security systems have aged well into the modern era of technology. Take a look at a few modern features of security systems that you could request from security providers and other options that you could use on your own.

Mobile Security For All

As the mobile revolution and the smartphone era have long since become a common part of modern living, you can expect a slew of mobile features for your security system. Of course, unless you're making mobile applications (apps) on your own, it's better to ask a security company for help. 

The benefit of mobile security is fairly simple; if your home is broken into or if there's any strange occurrence, a security mobile app can alert you. Security alerts work in the same way that a security company is alerted; if any of the pressure plates, lock systems or other pieces of equipment send off an alarm, your phone's app will get a notification.

More sophisticated apps can allow you to view your home or business' security cameras, although this comes with a few caveats. Many security systems include closed circuit camera systems, meaning that the only way to view the cameras is to look at the recording within your home or live through the viewer. This is to stop potential thieves, hackers or privacy breakers from watching you in your own home.

In order to send video to a mobile app, you would need a web streaming service that allows your app to view your camera. There's still a chance that hackers could get into the camera system, but the likelihood of a person having a specific interest in your specific home is low.

The main risk is avoiding the "Internet of Things", which involves devices that are open to the Internet by default and can be searched or even hacked by using one of many search engines. Again, these risks are largely reduced by being not connected at all or having a limited connection, which your security provider can handle. 

Taking Things Into Your Own hands

If you're adventurous or innovative when it comes to tech, the Internet of Things isn't as much of a risk. Simply put, the Internet of Things refers to the fact that many devices have some way of connecting to the Internet and are supposed to connect to the Internet. The problem of privacy happens when a device owner doesn't understand the availability of the Internet, or in the rare cases of Internet intrusion.

You can use your security system as part of the Internet of Things to use a few of the previously mentioned features without the assistance of a dedicated company. The most basic feature is using your security system as a webcam (Internet-enabled camera) of sorts, allowing you to view your security camera footage from anywhere with the Internet.

There's many possibilities with security cameras on the Internet, ranging from keeping a private video feed for yourself while abroad, or giving family members a view at a few limited cameras. Many cameras showing nature or local cultures are actually security cameras facing outwards to public areas, which you could use as a hobby while keeping eyes on your surrounding area. 

Contact a security systems professional or company like American Wireless Alarm Inc to discuss different pieces of equipment that can enhance the ways you stay secure.


4 May 2016

Exploring Security Systems

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