Smart Places To Hide Valuables In Your Home


The best way to secure the valuables inside your home is to ensure that your home security system is always set. If you don't have a security system, however, or you're just eager to ensure that none of your valuables are taken in the event that someone breaks into your home despite the use of the system, it's important to ensure that these items are hidden in a smart location. Many homeowners keep their jewelry and cash in the master bedroom, which means that a thief can quickly gather plenty of valuable items by quickly visiting this room. You can feel more confident ensuring that your valuables are elsewhere in your home, including in these suggested spots.

Behind Books On A Shelf

While some people place valuables in a safe that is hidden within a bookshelf, you don't necessarily need a safe to use this type of furniture to hide your valuables. Provided that the shelves are deep enough, you can cleverly hide valuables behind some books. Pull out the books on a given shelf, stash the valuables behind and then replace the books. It's unlikely that the average burglar looking for a quick score will begin removing books to find valuables.

In The Pantry

Burglars aren't likely to make your pantry one of their first stops, which means that keeping some key valuables in this location is ideal. While you can always place items in a box and set it behind a bunch of canned goods, you can step up your clandestine game by buying an empty container that looks like a commercial product (such as a can of cleaner or a can of tomatoes). These mini safes are available online and have screw tops that provide access to the inside. From the outside, though, they look exactly like normal pantry items.

In Your Freezer

The bottom or back of your freezer is typically a safe location for storing your valuables. Provided they're not sensitive to the temperature, placing these items in a zip-top plastic bag and then wrapping the bag in aluminum foil to make it look like leftovers can be an effective way to keep it safe in the event that a burglar makes an entry into your home.

In An Empty Paint Can

If you have a large selection of household supplies, such as paint cans that live on a shelf in the garage, this location can be ideal for hiding valuables. When you've used up a large paint can, clean out the inside and let it air dry. Once it's completely dry, you can load it with your valuables and place it in a designated spot on the shelf—it's probably not the first place a thief will look.

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3 May 2016

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