Tips To Deter Theft In Your Bookstore


If you own a bookstore and have been noticing that some of your stock has been mysteriously depleting over the course of several weeks, increase security measures with the following tips. As a result, theft may not be as likely to occur and you will feel more at ease.

Install Hidden Cameras Near High Value Items

Hire a security company to install hidden cameras near items of value inside of your store. If you offer a sitting area for patrons to read books, consider adding potted plants next to the chairs and have small cameras set up in between foliage, aimed towards best sellers and pricier items that you sell. There are a variety of camera systems to choose from, so ask a security expert about each model before making a decision.

Some commercial security systems detect motion, others may record what is occurring and can be linked to a media device so that you can keep an eye on your customers while you are in another part of the building.

Offer A Coat Rack And Staple Packages

Set up a coat rack near the entrance to your building and welcome customers to hang up their outerwear before browsing through the items in the store. They may be inclined to do so in order to remain comfortable while shopping. By keeping personal possessions near the front of the building, you won't need to worry so much about individuals stuffing merchandise in their pockets.

After a purchase is made in your store, fold the top of a customer's bag and staple it a couple times. The stapled bag will prevent the risk of additional items being placed in the bag while an individual is getting ready to exit your business.

Keep An Employee On The Floor At All Times

An extra set of eyes that scans your bookstore's interior throughout each day can drastically reduce the amount of stealing that occurs. Assign an employee to walk around the store. Do not require them to wear a uniform, so that they will look like a regular customer. Suggest that they look through books or sit in one of the chairs while randomly watching people who are in the store. If you have several employees, rotate them regularly so that everyone has a chance to assist with watching over the merchandise that is for sale.

If you practice all of these tips, you may notice that items for sale are not disappearing from your establishment as they previously were.


23 April 2016

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