3 Things That Your Commercial Kitchen Needs For Fire Safety


Even if you and all of the employees who work in your commercial kitchen are as careful as possible, you never know when a serious accident could happen. This means that you should be prepared and ready to deal with kitchen fires at any moment of the day. These are three things that your commercial kitchen needs if you want your business to be prepared for fire safety.

1. Handheld Fire Extiguishers

Many small kitchen fires can be put out by hand, and obviously, the faster that they are put out, the better. This is why you should have commercial kitchen-rated fire extinguishers available within an arm's length for everyone who is cooking in your restaurant. If you have different stations where cooking is in progress, such as one area where your grill is located and another area where you have an oven, then you should have fire extinguishers in both areas. Also, you should make sure that your employees are well-trained and that they know how to use them. In addition, try to add a fire hose to your kitchen as well. 

2. Sprinkler System or Fire Suppression System

There are two main types of systems that can fight fires until the fire fighters can get there. One type of system is a sprinkler system, which means that water will start coming out of the sprinklers as soon as smoke is detected. The other option is a fire suppression system, which involves a waterless gel that is designed to do the same job. Either type of system will do just fine, but you need to have one installed right away if your commercial kitchen does not have one right now.

3. Fire Alarms

Along with the smoke detectors that are attached to your fire suppression system, you should also have loud fire alarms that will let everyone who is not directly in the kitchen know about a fire that might have erupted. For example, you should have fire alarms in all dining areas and other places where customers might be present. This will help ensure that everyone is notified in time to get out safely. It will also help you cover your bases in regards to local fire safety codes, which vary based on jurisdiction but that generally requires fire alarms.

Keeping yourself, the people who work in your kitchen and the people who visit your restaurant safe in the event of a tragic kitchen fire is very important. Luckily, having these three things can help you be prepared.


3 August 2015

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